2 Best Ways to Reset Netgear Router Password

Is your Netgear Router malfunctioning dropping the internet connection continuously? Are you in doubt that something is wrong with your router? Don’t worry, you can reset the router!

If you can’t log in to the Web interface(routerlogin.net), maybe you have entered the wrong password, try to re-enter the correct password. If it doesn’t work, then start performing Restore Factory Settings on the router.

The factory reset button has the capability to erase all the saved passwords, security settings and network names.

Open web page www.routerlogin.net and enter the login credentials. The URL or IP address of some Netgear routers is printed on a label on the back of the device.

There are two options available to restore the Router Admin and Password details:

  1. Backup settings
  2. Factory reset button

Backup settings

If you are entering the wrong username or password in router accessing page:

  • select Backup Settings from the Maintenance section
  • and click the Erase button
  • OK to confirm

This resetting will restore all settings to defaults.

(Note: If you see the solid green LED light is powering on a router, it means it has started working properly)

Factory Reset Button:

Many routers series like WNDR3300, DGN2000 and N300, have an option of Factory reset button at the backside of the router. To reset the router:

  • Connect your router to an electric socket.
  • Turn on WPS LED light.
  • There will be a reset or factory reset button on the backside of the router.
  • You will need a paper clip to hold the Reset Button for at least 7 seconds.
  • Now release and your router is reset.
  • You will see LED light start blinking in green color.

Use default credentials, instead of chosen ones to login.

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Dropping/Disconnecting Continuous Router Internet Connection?

Planning to get a Netgear wireless router? Yup, absolutely doing right!

After purchasing it, you have noticed that Netgear works tip and top during initial phase but as couple of weeks passes, wireless connection start dropping again and again.
“I called it royal pain” at-least for me! Re-starting the router for continuously 2 hours, made me suck. Obviously who will stand and reconnect the router again and again, and yeah I am little bit lazy too.

I instantly called a Netgear expert (genuine and verified) on toll-free number +1 (888)316-0396. Although I got to learn many things that might help you to fix your same netgear internet problem as mine.

Update PC Driver:
You can go online for the latest driver updation(manufacturer of your computer). You need to search your laptop brand driver and there will be a section “Networking” where you can see lists.

Update Router Firmware
Updating router firmware,  figure out the IP address.

Router Settings
Mywifiextsolutions tech team has done some changes to the router. Exactly I don’t know, but yeah they doing some changes such as selecting  2.4 GHz over 5 GHz.

They have also pressed the reset button.

Well all the stuff is in front of you, try yourself and still don’t find any solutions, call them at mywifiextsolutions.com

Tricks to Recover NETGEAR Router Password

Did you know that the router password can be recover if you forgot the old one? NETGEAR router password recovery feature helps you to retain the admin password that you don’t remember now! Follow the basic steps to set a new password below:

1. Open a browser and enter routerlogin.net (Internet should be there in a laptop that is connected to your router wifi).
2. Login page will display.
3. Click Cancel that will redirect you to the Router Password Recovery window.
4. Fill your router serial number (Barcode pattern can be below your router device).
5. Click CONTINUE.
6. Answer the security questions. (If don’t know the answer, do a factory reset)
7. Then OK and your old admin password displays.

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