2 Fantastic Custom Gift Boxes Ideas that Demands Attention

There is no denying the fact that people are obsessed with unboxing videos, yet a lot of companies aren’t making the most of this incredibly popular experience. To your surprise, even the most unpretentious unboxing videos have racked up millions of views. The worst part is it won’t cost business owners an arm and a leg to create innovative custom gift boxes that excite customers.

If you manage to tempt your customers even before they get to try your product, it means you have got an excellent packaging solution at your disposal that will help create a memorable experience and nurture repeat sales. For businesses that aren’t too keen to invest in quality packaging, it’s essential to understand that a product box isn’t just a container that carries your product; instead, it’s an experience. A premium custom gift box makes you feel as if you are unwrapping a present without knowing what is to come.

Quality custom gift boxes also project that the product is exceptional, and customers who buy it are in for a treat. When you leverage these valuable ideas to create a beautifully designed branded packaging that demands attention, you will be able to build trust, engagement, and rapport with the audience on social media, besides building a devoted fan base.

Consider the Remarkable Power of Touch

Smart entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for new ways to connect with their audience. One effective way to reach your ideal customers is a tactile experience. The packaging is the first touchpoint experience with your customers. You can boost that by appealing to their senses. Something people miss out on when buying online.

So when your packaging company crafts your custom made gift boxes make sure they consider how customers interact with products and packages in stores. For instance, an elegant and soft surface of the packaging can compel customers to stop and touch the box.

A hassle-free way to accomplish this is by joining forces with an experienced packaging company like The Legacy Printing. It’ll make your packaging stand out by suggesting the right materials and carving the best design for free. The other way is to research the market, materials, trends, and decipher customer needs to produce an eye-catching packing for your business.

Additionally, you have to figure out whether it’s the glossy or embossed logo that draws customers in, or is it a quirky slogan on the packages that make your customers want to buy your product.

Customize the Boxes from Inside & Boost Protection

If your goal is to create a gift-like packaging for your products, then use the element of mystery and adorn your custom gift boxes from inside to surprise and delight your audience. Customizing the outside of the boxes is just the first step to creating a memorable experience. Your customers want to continue the voyage after opening the box, so they could explore more and embrace new surprises they haven’t expected.

Keep the minutest details in mind that others often overlook. For instance, a device manufacturer from Silicon Valley conceals its device chargers in a separate nook covered with a perforated flap, and invite customers with an amicable transcript. If this doesn’t interest you, then slip in a filler tissue paper that matches your brand colors.

Furthermore, you should use tangible protection to keep your product safe during transportation. For this purpose, make use of inserts or custom-made slots that perfectly fits your product. It will extend your product life and save you from incurring returns and replacements costs. More importantly, it will keep your brand reputation intact and help you avoid losing repeat business by pleasing customers.

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