4 Things to Consider Before Hiring an Exhibition Stand Designer in Dubai

Commissioning a designer for exhibition stands and booths in Dubai has got far-reaching consequences. It can have a great impact on the performance of your brand in the exhibition where it will be featured. The stand and booth designer that you hire to build your stand will be largely responsible for your presentation at the tradeshow. It is said, ‘the first impression is the last impression.’ Hence, the first impression that the visitors make while looking at the stand might impact their other impressions too. Quality of the stand and its appearance is the first thing that visitors get to see while visiting your booth in the exhibitions. 


To find out the right company for exhibition stand design in Dubai, UAE is not an easy task when the city has hundreds of dubious contractors to hijack the job for quick money. No exhibitor would like to hire fraud designers and contractors to design their exhibition stands. 


Here we will discuss 5 crucial factors to consider while hiring a stand and booth designer in Dubai, UAE or anywhere in the world. 


Ask for their Credentials

It is one of the most crucial factors to find out the authenticity of the stand designer. When you shortlist companies for the final decision, then ask them to show their credentials to you. The documents are their accreditation, SSL certificates to prove the genuineness of their websites and their company too. The websites will also have photographs of the awards and recognitions they might have won. Moreover, if they have obtained any other industry-related certificate. These are some of the basic options to check the company you are hiring for stand design is the right company or not. 


Past Stand Designing Projects in Dubai 

This is another way to find out if the company that you are hiring is the right company to design your stands. Check their past projects by browsing through their portfolio can help you find out about their work quality. Most companies these days keep their websites updated and when they approach you for work, they will share their portfolios carrying recent successful projects with you. 


Check the Reviews of the Company

These days, internet and social media platforms can be of great help in finding out the work quality of any company easily. You can check their pages on social media channels and additionally try searching them on search engines. Check what customers have written for the services they availed. Channels like Facebook, Twitter and Quora can help you get genuine reviews about the companies. These reviews can help you identify the right and reliable stand designer you are looking for. Moreover, a reputed company is easily found everywhere on the web these days. And they do not hide their reviews rather give a genuine reason for dissatisfaction from any client, which you will understand easily. 


Talk to the Clients of the Company

Almost all companies in the business of exhibition stand designing have their website. It is very normal for any company to highlights the list of their reputed clients. This helps the company in showing their portfolio to their prospects. You will not only get the idea about their capability in the service but also come to know about the brands they have worked for or if those brands are from your category. You can talk to those clients to understand their experience with the stand designer. 


Final Thought

The above 4 tips will help you find the right exhibition stand and booth designer in Dubai, UAE easily.

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