5 Cool Things You Can Only Find in a Bengali Wedding

If you are one or have been with bong friends, one of the many things you cannot miss is the Bengali wedding. And that too an authentic one and not with the infused cultures (not that we are against it but to get a complete feel you need to attend a bong-to-bong marriage). With the list of all rituals and traditions, the wedding is more than religion here.

With the never-met-before relatives, mouth-watering Bengali dishes, some strange yet fun games – the heart of these weddings is all about making two families bond forever. If you are a movie buff and have seen the Bengali movies, you can possibly think of how colourful the entire event looks like! 

Bengali wedding is incomplete without some very exclusive things and you will find them only in this part of the country. The event planners in India will help you arrange for the following if you want to carry out an exclusive Bengali wedding – 

Aiburo bhaat

This is, by definition, the last meal for a bride and groom before tying the knot. Traditionally, it is supposed to be organised by the close family members on the night before the wedding but there is certainly no hard and fast rule if the extended family and close friends are attending! This is the first ritual ideally which marks the rolling of the wedding ball. 


In this, the groom’s family pack gifts for the bride and her family members. Baskets of sweets are a mandate and amongst other things, her trousseau forms a vital part. If you are thinking, what is so unique about sending gift to each other is that the trosseau is incomplete without a fresh Rohu fish. This fish is decorated with in the same way you would deck up a bride – with jewellery and bridal clothes! Although millennial bride include modern gizmos, this Rohu remains to be as pious as always!

Talking of fish, ‘Machher Muro’ is one of the vital things you cannot miss in ‘aiburo bhaat’ to ‘bou bhaat’. 

Uludhoni (ululation)

From all sorts of festivities such as Durga Puja to weddings, no Bengali event is complete without the ululation. This is a signature sound made by the mom, aunts, and all other women to create a celebratory mood. Sometimes, just to add to the gala of the event, there are competitions held amongst the women of the family. 

Sankha Pola

The traditional red and white bangles is the sign of a Bengali married women. They are called Sankha and Pola and are built from conch shells and corals respectively. You can leave it to the Bengali wedding planner in Kolkata who can arrange for the skilled artisan who can help wear the bangles. Sometimes, there is a small ritual associated while wearing these bangles and generally the mother accompanies the bride to make her wear it. 


Yes, there is a trend for high make-over on the eve of the wedding but possibly nothing makes a person look more beautiful than adorning her face with the traditional sandal wood paste designs! The chandan sojja is exclusive to the Bengali wedding and is considered a pious one. 

So next time, when you are catching up a Bengali wedding, make sure you have all the ceremonies attended! 

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