5 Myths of Destination Wedding Busted

Dreaming of a destination wedding? Do you think you have to break a bank for this? What is supposed to be fun and much more laid back might actually turn into a nightmare! Well, there are many myths that still holds back couples from arranging destination weddings. But as you get in touch with the expert destination wedding planners, you will know things are different. 

Here’s the list of top myths that prevent couples from arranging a hoopla of lifetime:

Actually, there’s not much to do

Many times, people believe the destinations are quite away from the rest of the city to get involved in anything else apart from the ceremony. Ideally, that is not the case. Hill stations such as Manali has lots of options from paragliding, skiing, zorbing. You can also check out the various touristy places such as Ghatotkach Temple, Hadimba Devi Temple, Manu Temple, Manikaran Gurudwara and Vashisht Temple. The other such destinations will at least have a local market close by it which in itself can be a very immersing experience.

The places that are too mundane for a destination wedding

If you have gone through the destination wedding places in most stock images, they seem to be very simple. The root of this myth is how they are being photographed. Just because certain scenery gives a certain look does not necessarily means it will be boring through the entire patch. Since Indian weddings have got more to do with the glitz and fancy glamour, you can always get the chance to customize the venue.

Poor connectivity

Depending on where and when you are booking the venue, the connectivity can vary. Frankly, on a wedding date, unless you are selecting anything not listed on the pious dates, chances of getting high traffic stops is common. That being said, in any destination wedding ceremony, the places are certainly going to equipped with the latest amenities and facilities. Additionally, if you are selecting any of the major cities, there will be well air, rail and road connectivity. 

Higher chances of getting ill

This is an absolute probable because even if you are travelling to some place without the wedding ceremony, you might fall sick due to its weather or water. However, in the exotic locations, there are facilities of proper drinking water and clean places to stay. Also, when you get in touch with the Best wedding planner in Kolkata, you can be rest assured about the food quality as well. On the contrary, a two-three days break from the monotony can be a good option. 

Not a money saver

People often think budget will be a big issue while planning for a destination wedding. The variation in luxury is a variable and is entirely dependent on the host. If you want to cut down cost, there are many budget-friendly places which are equally beautiful. The wedding event planners will help you arrange the ceremony likewise. 

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