6 Tips For The Groom For The Wedding Makeover

Unruly beard and splotchy face are what defines your face? Did your friends also start noticing about the pimples which otherwise never bothered them? The bachelor’s party left a tan on your face?

Well, all these just have one answer – Groom makes up. Just like a good coffee, no one will actually sit and recommend about getting it done, but once it is not perfect, everyone finds something is wrong. But with changing times, it is becoming equally popular amongst millennials to take care of their makeover and look, not just on the wedding day but always.

If you are consulting any wedding planning packages in Kolkata, they will help you get it done for you as they knew the experts who can groom you for the day. What was earlier limited to face-wash, cream and balm will also include the other luxuries such as spas, threading, facials, waxing and more.
The following tips can help you be groomed for the wedding day:

Guzzle Water

Too much of alcohol consumption on your bachelor party can dry out the skin faster. Keep yourself hydrated that will provide the extra glow and freshness. Make sure to drink at least 5-6 litres starting right from the morning.

Less and fewer chemicals

Triclosan, Phthalates, paraben – ever heard of them? You will find them in your daily face cream and wash. It is, thus, always wise to shun experimenting with unknown brands and go for organic choices for sunscreens, moisturiser and more.

Proper rub and scrub

Exfoliation is a must for groom makeup. If you are planning for a destination wedding, many would like to go for the final makeover after they reach there. The destination wedding planners can help you look out for the beauticians and experts at the said destination to help you get the final fresh look.

Make sure to massage your skin up till the neck. For bearded men, take the massage near to your chin ensuring the skin is rejuvenated. You may use homemade items such as curd, honey, besan, milk and create a homemade exfoliator.

Floss regularly

Polish up the enamel of the normal teeth without compromising on the quality of the teeth. You will have friends, family members and others coming up to hug you; let them not complain about bad breath. Try using a little baking soda with a couple of drops of lemon juice and brush your teeth.

Diet is important

Add green vegetables, nuts, legumes, whole grains, and hearty fruits count in your diet for a better diet chart. If you start early, you are sure going to feel a big difference in every way.

Hair Prep

Juggling between traditional customs and outfit fittings, you might miss doing your hair! Should you wish to colour your hair, it is wise to speak to an experienced stylist first so that there is not much experiment on the look on that day.

As you are set to strut out now, always remember, it is not just for one day but the above-said practices can help you look fresh and fit for a long time if you practice them regularly.



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