An Insight into the Construction or Renovation of Basement Apartments

Basement renovation is something which the majority of the house owners tend to avoid, as they consider this to be unnecessary sometimes. However, in case you don’t have sufficient space in your main house area, then the basement is the place that can provide some extra square footing. Some of the best basement renovation contractors in New Jersey like Kitchen and Bath has shown some us very interesting ideas which we can use to utilize the basement space for very beneficial for us. One of them refers to the construction of an apartment – the style and aesthetics of which will be very much different than the entire house. (Information Credit:

 As shared by some of the renowned basement renovation contractors in Livingston, NJ. The Covid-19 outbreak has allowed many house owners to look into their basements as a utility factor. The house owners are now considering the construction or renovation of basement apartments as their priority. This is because the Covid-19 outbreak has allowed much home quarantine who is suspected to be the carriers of the novel coronavirus. House owners are now considering this, as they have to separate a certain family member from the rest of the family members. This option is also valid when an extra family member or a guest comes to our house, then you don’t have to sacrifice your room. 

Walls of Basement Apartment

The walls of the basements are needed to be taken special care as they are located underground. The exterior walls of the basements are required to be dried and properly insulated – just to ensure that the water doesn’t get soaked in the walls. The internal walls of the basements can be made of wood with some proper paints – just to ensure that the flow of light is not compromised.

Floors of the Basement Apartments 

As the basements are mainly associated with extra moisture, you need to be very particular – when it comes to the construction of basements floors. A proper home-like environment mainly includes the introduction of carpet flooring, laminate flooring, or the use of engineered wood.

In case, you would like to consider the introduction of wall-to-wall carpeting, the presence of anti-bacterial materials is mandatory to be present in the carpets. For cases that include the introduction of traditional wood, you can consider using engineered wood or limited wood – that adds an extra layer to absorb the moisture.

Furniture for Basement Apartments

The furniture items for the basements are required to be chosen, depending on the taste of the family or the one who is going to live over there. In case, anyone is interested in making that a multi-functional living space, then the introduction of a certain type of sofas or sofa-cum-bed can be introduced. Some bookshelves or other storage items can also be placed in the basements, as storing items is the primary function for any basements.

In some cases, the renovation of basements can be very tricky and there are cases where the D.I.Y techniques have failed – which have led to the increase of the overall cost for the homeowners. Hence, it is always recommended to consult some of the best basement renovation contractors in Livingston, New Jersey for getting the most benefit out of your basement renovation.

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