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Small Breasts can be Enlarged with Breast Augmentation Surgery, Large Breasts can be brought back to the normal size with the help of Breast Reduction Surgery. Get the Affordable Breast Augmentation Cost in Bangalore, India.

The Breast Augmentation Procedure

The Surgeons At Curlsncurves Perform The Breast Augmentation Procedure Using General Anesthesia. After The Patient Is Sedated Or Put To Sleep By A Board-Certified Anesthesiologist, The Cosmetic Surgeon Makes Incisions Along Natural Skin Folds And Creases To Eliminate The Possibility Of A Noticeable Scar Forming After Surgery. The Incisions Are Placed In One Of The Following Areas:

  • In The Crease Beneath The Breasts
  • Around The Nipple
  • In The Armpit

The Choice Regarding Which Area The Incisions Will Be Placed Is Based On The Patient’s Body Type And Surgical Goals. After The Incisions Are Made, The Implants Are Inserted And Positioned Under The Breast Tissue Or Beneath The Chest Wall Muscles. The Incisions Are Then Carefully Closed Using Special Sutures. Surgical Dressings Are Placed Over The Breasts. A Support Bra Is Used To Support The Breasts And Decrease Swelling. Total Procedure Time Is Typically Between One To Two Hours.


Breast Augmentation Procedure In Steps

Step 1 – Anesthesia
Medications Are Administered For Your Comfort During The Surgical Procedure. The Choices Include Intravenous Sedation And General Anesthesia. Your Doctor Will Recommend The Best Choice For You.

Step 2 – The Incision

Incisions Are Made In Inconspicuous Areas To Minimize Visible Scarring. You And Your Plastic Surgeon Will Discuss Which Incision Options Are Appropriate For Your Desired Outcome. Incision Options Include: Along The Areolar Edge (Peri-Areolar Incision), The Fold Under The Breast (Inframammary Fold) And In The Armpit (Axillary Incision). A Belly-Button Approach Is Associated With A Higher Complication Rate.

Incisions Vary Based On The Type Of Breast Implant, Degree Of Enlargement Desired, Your Particular Anatomy And Patient-Surgeon Preference.

Step 3 – Inserting And Placing The Breast Implant

After The Incision Is Made, A Breast Implant Is Inserted Into A Pocket Either:

  1. Under The Pectoral Muscle (A Sub Muscular Placement)
  2. Directly Behind The Breast Tissue, Over The Pectoral Muscle (A Submammary/ Subglandular Placement)

The Method For Inserting And Positioning Breast Implants Depends On The Type Of Implant, Degree Of Enlargement Desired, Your Body Type And Your Surgeon’s Recommendations.

Step 4 – Closing The Incisions

Incisions Are Closed With Layered Sutures In The Breast Tissue And With Sutures, Skin Adhesive Or Surgical Tape To Close The Skin.

Over Time The Incision Lines Will Fade. The Quality Of Scar Depends On Many Things, Including Your Genetics, Exposure Of Your Body To Nicotine And Infection.

Recovery Procedure From Breast Augmentation Surgery

Each And Every Patient Is Different So Recovery Time For Breast Enlargement Surgery Can Vary, However, We Usually Expect Patients To Make A Full Recovery In Four To Six Weeks After Surgery. Most People Return To Work One To Two Days After The Procedure.

As Part Of The Recovery Process, You Will Need To Wear A Special, Supportive Post-Surgical Bra 24 Hours A Day. This Is A Bit Like A Sports Bra And Is Designed To Support Your New Breasts And Protect Them During The Healing Process.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost In Bangalore

Curls And Curves Offer Best Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost In Bangalore And It Is Value For Money And Cost Effective When Compared To The Cost Of Breast Augmentation Surgery In Other Countries.

The Cost Of Breast Augmentation Treatment Will Depend On Amount Of Work Taken To Complete The Surgery. So It Is Important That Examine And Consulting Decides The Price.

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