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The most popular topic today is ‘Sanitizer’. Everyone wants to protect themselves from the global pandemic by sanitizing themselves. At the same time, one also needs that their house, office/shop and factory should be completely sanitized so that everyone is safe from the epidemic. The first thing to know is what, when and where you need to sanitize.

    1. Hand Sanitization – The first place to sanitize are your hands, which is done using an anti-bacterial hand gel/hand sanitizer. The most important contents of a good hand gel are – IP Grade IPA and Glycerine, Organic Essential Oils, Bio-Gelling Agent, Bio-Oil Perfume, Bio-Color, Natural Masking Agent, Deionized Water etc.
      With the sudden increase in demand, market is flooding with cheap quality hand sanitizers. If you check the labels closely, you will find that IPA, Ethyl Alcohol, and menthol are being used. Applying this cheap sanitizer on hand means poisoning yourself because – 1. Hands start turning white if used 3-4 times a day; 2. Hands begin to crack and you feel the need to wash hands frequently; 3. Due to the use of alcohol alone, antibacterial layer on the foreskin of hands start breaking down. This cheap alcohol enters are body and starts attacking our Lymphatic system The lymphatic system plays a major role in the body’s immune system. Therefore, it is recommended that one only uses a hand gel that contains the right grade alcohol and other mentioned contents.


    1. Body Sanitization – The second step of sanitizing is to sanitize the whole body. This can be done by our product, Alpha – Organic Disinfectant (Alpha ODI). Using 100% organic essential oils is a must in a body sanitizer. Otherwise, it could have an adverse effect on the skin. It could also be harmful if ingested mistakenly. 10 ml of Alpha Organic Disinfectant is mixed with 1 litre water and sprayed from top to bottom and front and back on the person’s body through a spray pump. It is also sprayed on the hands and applied on the face. The goods brought from outside are also sprayed and disinfected through this. In this whole process, the person gets rid of harmful germs to a great extent. By sanitizing your house, office, shops and factories this way, you can keep yourself and people around you protected from the epidemic.
  1. Workplace Sanitization – The third place to sanitize is to sanitize your surroundings – home, office, shop, factory, vehicles, etc. this is usually done by mixing a small amount of IPA, Ethyl Alcohol or Sodium Hypochlorite with water and sprayed through a large pump. This solution should not come in contact with the person’s body otherwise there might be adverse effects of the chemicals on skin. Regular spraying (twice a week) is necessary to keep the areas sanitized.

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