Common Mistakes Made By Many When Practicing With Wooden Dummies

In general, people who are new to practicing martial arts often feel that a wooden dummy is meant to help then strengthen their arms. Some even feel that at the end of the practice sessions they will be able to break the opponent’s bones.

  • Wing Chun dummy is a perfect practice mate and so you can focus on practicing all angle contact.
  • You may not want to spend an excess of energy hitting wood as it is not the right way to practice.
  • Dummies are designed in such a way that they help polish your reflexes.

So next time if you are planning to purchase martial supplies from a reputable dealer like Warrior Martial Art Supply then you have to think wisely.

In most cases, people often misunderstand this martial equipment and often end up practicing at the near stage. There are certain important points that you need to keep in mind about Wing Chun Equipment.

Dummies should not be considered as conditioning tools

You have to keep in mind that manufacturers make use of quality softwood for crafting each dummy. So it is obvious that they are not designed to take an excessive amount of pressure. The wood used for manufacturing is considered as softwood.

So it is certain that you don’t practice on these dummies like your practice with your opponent. You should avoid striking the dummy with extra force. The arms of the wooden dummy is designed and arranged at a specific angle.

When practicing you get to polish your skills of striking the target from any possible angle. It does not help you practice hitting the target with great force.

Practice deflection

The moment you strike the dummy it will get deflected in the opposite direction. This is by the law of physics and so you have to keep this law in your mind when practicing. You can develop your skills in responding to all types of deflections.

You have to keep in mind that wing chun equipment is designed to help you master the speed and not the power. It is a technology that can best be used to practice your skills with speed and reflexes. But at the same time, you can make use of this technology to overcome your opponents by your speed.

It teaches you the art of using your speed to overcome the power of the opponents.

No sequences involved

The best part when practicing with the dummies is that you may not have to follow any particular sequence. So you may get a chance to respond to the dummy as it reacts to your strike. This helps in improving your reflexes as well.

So when practicing with the dummies it is important to focus on developing your speed and reflexes.


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