Difference between DOC and DOCX Files

If you use text document applications, then you may have heard of DOC and DOCX files. Both are file formats used to save the word document files. Many of us often wonder, what the difference between DOC and DOCX is. But remove this confusion for good, this blog will tell you the difference between DOC and DOCX files. Here, we will also know which one to use under which circumstances.

Brief about DOC and DOCX Formats

In simple terms, DOC is a proprietary format of Microsoft that is used to save Word documents. This format was in use in MS Word 2003 and all older versions like MS DOS. On the contrary, DOCX is the default file type for MS Word 2007 and its all newer versions till now. The additional X in DOCX denotes Office Open XML standard. It means that this is not a proprietary format anymore.

More about DOC File: The history of DOC file goes 30 years back when it was released for the first time for MS DOS Word. The format was designed to be proprietary and only MS Word was capable of opening this file type. Though some competing applications unofficially supported this file type, they did not support the interesting options and formatting of DOC file. Thus, it helped Microsoft to keep its dominance in the field of Word processing applications. This went on till 2006 when Microsoft officially made this format open.

More about DOCX File: The DOCX file was introduced in 2007 version of MS Word. Actually, this was the mounting pressure from its competitor Open Office and its ODF format that forced Microsoft to develop this open standard file type. DOCX is developed based on XML or Extensible Markup Language, hence getting its name Office Open XML. This file offered multiple benefits compared to DOC file. Contrary to the belief of many people, Word 2003 can read DOCX file and compatibility updates were provided to the other versions. However, many users initially went on to save their Word documents in DOC format for compatibility, but it was only compatible with Word 2003 and lower versions, not with other open-source write applications.

Difference between DOC and DOCX in a Glance

  1. DOC file is the default file format in Word 2003 and previous versions. DOCX files is used as default file format in Word 2007 and later versions.
  2. DOC is based on binary format while DOCX is based on XML format.
  3. DOC is a proprietary file type while DOCX is an open standard file.
  4. DOC files cannot work with new features but DOCX files can work with different new features.
  5. DOC files are more prone to corruption. On the other hand, DOCX files have less chance of corruption.
  6. Files saved in DOC format is large but files saved in DOCX format is small.
  7. Compressed image quality is compromised in DOC format. Contrarily, compressed images look good in DOCX format.

How to Save Outlook Emails in DOC or DOCX File?

Now that you know the difference between DOC and DOCX file, it will be easier for you to choose the one that suits your need. In case you want to save Outlook emails in DOCX or DOC, you can try SysTools Outlook PST Converter Tool. This application helps users to save any number of Outlook emails in DOC or DOCX format directly from the PST file.

DOC VS DOCX: Which One to Choose?

Being in 2020, it can be said undoubtedly that DOCX is a far better choice than DOC under any given circumstances. If you save the same file in DOCX, it will be far more lightweight than what it would be when saved as a DOC file. Thus, it becomes easier to open, share, and transfer DOCX files. Moreover, the open XML standard nature of DOCX file makes it compatible with any completely featured Word processor and online Word processing applications like Google Docs.

However, if you are working on some outdated word processing applications, or need to recover some files created in Word 2003 or older versions, you may choose to work with DOC file format.

Wrapping Up

From the discussion in this blog, you will know the difference between DOC and DOCX files. Read the blog carefully to know which one you must choose to use.

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