Does Replacing Windows Add Value to Your Home?

When it comes to home improvement projects, the list can seem endless. While some more accessible and DIY projects add curb appeal, smart homeowners know that the return on investment matters when it comes to more extensive and costly projects. Knowing which projects are going to pay off with resale can be a significant consideration when prioritizing home improvements.   

Does Replacing Windows Add Value to Your Home?  

There are obvious benefits of in-home energy efficiency with window replacement. But, does that translate into an increase in the resale value? YES.   

Replacing old windows does boost your home’s value.  

Window replacement is consistently listed as a top ten home improvement project that increases home resale value.   

If you spend $15,000 to replace your home’s windows, your home could rise in value by roughly $11,000. That’s a 74% return on your investment!   

But wait, there’s more!  

Replacement windows offer homeowners the chance to update the look of their home. Consider investing in some custom window shapes to add architectural interest or amp up the natural light. Expand that gorgeous backyard view with a bay or bow window, add a casement style window above your kitchen sink. The options and ability to customize with replacement windows are endless.   

Why not make your life easier while you are making improvements? Double-hung window styles are ridiculously easy to clean. Just tilt in, and boom, both your interior and exterior windows are sparkling.   

And although we’ve already mentioned it, increase your overall energy efficiency. From Low-E glass to UV and solar blockers, window technology is continuously evolving to make our homes look good while saving on energy costs.   

When you add in all the reasons that replacing your windows benefits your comfort, your wallet, and the environment, it’s a no-brainer.  

If you’re thinking of selling your home in a few years, replacing the windows can help your home stand out in a crowded market, plus raise its value before you list your home. Since buyer’s love buying houses that are not only move-in ready but updated with modern amenities, new windows improve your home’s marketability and help you command a higher selling price.

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