DXN Code Strike 2020 – Does This Product Really Work ?

DXN Code Strike boyfriends penis was larger than his now imagine hearing that okay it actually gutted him emotionally was a time where they broke up and he had seen four other women during a four-month break up there and he said that with this size he could not enter in to two of the woman he was with okay he could as well okay now that’s that story so back person his self-esteem this confidence is way up through the roof okay he’s just a different guy totally alright that’s how it impacts the guys now let’s talk you let’s talk about the procedure itself okay when you come to my office I want you to know exactly what’s gonna happen so nothing takes you off guard when you enter the office what we do first we put numbing cream on the area okay and it sits there for about an hour okay the numbing cream does 95% of the numbing okay that’s why we want that because that that’s the easiest way to do it in the most comfortable way then the next step is I take a small needle and I poke the penile skin superficially that’s my entrance point or portal you don’t feel that of course you’re numb at that point then what I do is I take a cannula which obviously it’s not this big it looks like a needle actually but as a blunt tip so it’s not sharp so what I do is I enter in through that little needle port that needle little needle poke here I enter in and I fill the entire shaft and I go and fill this way and I feel this way and I feel this way through that one n


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