Firestarter Remake: Release Date, Story, and Other Details

1984’s Firestarter movie is getting a rebooted movie, and we will discuss the things we know about it till the date today, in this article. Stephen King’s 1984’s hit movie is not getting a remake, and the development and production are under the progress. The production companies Universal and Blumhouse are taking the lead in production. Unstoppable numerous Stephen King films and TV shows presently are on the rise and released as a part of Hollywood. This movie is getting several storyline recommendations from different writers around the world for the remake for the third time live-action adaptation. 1984’s film already had a second sequel in 2002’s Firestarter: Rekindled, which was a thriller/horror movie.   

Stephen King’s films are known for their quality and as a masterpiece. This time he might be thinking of making it very far from the original title and plot because his remaking a do-over is a warranty for it. This is not a bad thing about the original movie that it needs a remake; it is just may beyond that. The 1980’s novel Firestarter is focused on a little girl who occasionally possesses pyrokinetic abilities. The first live-action movie was planned to release in 1984 by introducing Drew Barrymore for the role of Charlie Mcgee. Despite the fact that Stephen King didn’t write the story for the film, it is nearly his writing style displayed in the movie. It was one of the truthful film adaptation of King’s career.

 The movie first, when it came out, didn’t explode fans’ expectations, but it was a not too cold or not that cold; it was an adequate superhero kind film of the decade. Nowadays, the movie is not even considered that fashionable, but it is still a middling reputed movie. However, the remake might fill the gap that 1984’s failed to do, and this time with advanced CGI and visual effects, the movie might become one of the best superhero movies of 21’s.

FireStarter Remake: What’s the Release Date? 

It is currently indistinct when the movie’s production with Universal and Blumhouse is going to initiate, let alone the release date. The remake project was proclaimed way back in April 2019, along with the Oscar-nominated scriptwriter Akiva Goldsman as the director. Scott Teems was selected for the writing script announced along with the Faith Akin taking the role of director for the project. From June 2018, the post of the producer is handed back to Goldsman for the Firestarter remake film. Later in December 2019, Akin was the only director left in the team, and a fresh director was selected to continue the project. The newly recruited director has done some impressive work in the Blumhouse’s indie horror movie The Vigil. After then, no new updates about the franchise is leaked or announced officially.

Firestarter Remake Cast and Story

When we come at this spot, no information has been exposed regarding the real screenplay for the remake of the Firestarter movie, and in case it goes beyond Stephen King’s innovative novel, then the Firestarter 1984 movie did. As well, no details related to the film’s cast have been disclosed with the public, though casting a similar young girl as Charlie McGee will be essential. In spite of everything, Drew Barrymore’s presentation is one of the most honored features of the original live-action Firestarter movie. Including an actor, for Charlie’s dad, Andy will be equally important, as her dad offers the adult view throughout the original movie viewers can compare to Charlie’s imaginary story. Besides that, Andy, Charlie’s father, also shown to possess some cool telepathy powers on his own since he has shown to control others’ minds according to his own wish.

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