Handprints And Footprints

A 12 month baby frame handprint can be an awesome baby keepsake. The imprints can be hung unframed, using one of our adhesive plaque hooks, or you can have your imprints framed in either a white washed or oak box frame, along with your choice of complementary backboard. If you’re a baby scrapbook type of parent, you likely won’t consider it complete without an ink print of your newborn ‘s tiny foot.

5. Footprints are always easier. The best ones to use for handprint painting are washable tempera paints They should be labeled non-toxic and be sure to check that the label says washable. This is a fantastic & frugal way to preserve your baby or children’s footprints or handprints.

I prefer to use Crayola Kids Paint because I like the way the prints look using it and it’s the only brand of white paint that shows up clear on black or other colored construction paper (for making things like footprint ghosts !). We create baby prints in our beautiful Hub , take a look for more information.

4. To get baby’s hand flat on the paper, use 2 hands to pull their fingers out flat. Babies are known for making fists, and for putting those fists in their mouths — two things that aren’t compatible with trying to stamp a handprint. Our friendly staff will spend time with you choosing your items, and advising on colours and designs, and then get you the best prints.

We often have groups of people taking a bit of time out and enjoying some cake and coffee together while we take your prints. If you’re making more than one baby handprint, you may need to reapply the paint. Babies often put everything in their mouths, so it is important to keep control of your baby’s hand and wipe it clean immediately after making the handprint.

Work the polymer clay with your hands until it becomes warm and malleable. You can also design handprint frames. Capture your child’s tiny hands and feet whilst they are at their cutest. Need a creative idea, customize and personalize your gift For instance you can paste the baby’s picture on a toy or a book.

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