How Educational Apps have enhanced the Educational System


Educational applications are the online learning platforms or the software applications that provide ease of access to the students that is the flexibility to learn their academics at any time and from any favorable location. 

Educational applications are useful for both teachers as well as students. Teachers can give updated information and the desired knowledge to the students and the students can improve their credibility by understanding the concepts online. 

Let us know what has led to the innovation of such applications according to the challenges that are faced by the students:


School Infrastructure

Big classrooms with faded walls are the reality of today’s school’s infrastructure that often distracts a child in focusing on their studies. They take much interest in planning to play in the evening with their friends and keep them busy by observing those beautiful birds outside. 


Lack of Concentration among the students

With the blackboard teaching and verbal communication methods, students are sometimes not able to pay attention to the teachers. Children with low grasping power find it difficult to concentrate on their school lectures. As they cannot rewind their teacher’s words, usually they end up getting poor marks in their academic session.  


Communication Gap

Every teacher must have healthy communication with their students. It helps the students to enhance their communication skills. There are most of the students who hesitate to speak up in the class. They feel shy or embarrassed when they don’t know the answers to a particular question. In this case, teachers need to put extra efforts towards the students and most of the time it does not happen



It has been found that only 50% of the children attend the public schools and that too with no criteria for compulsory attendance. Due to this reason, most of the students do not pursue their higher education. 

Considering these issues in the current education system, there is a need to change this system and to innovate new ways of learning.  Therefore, schools and educational institutions have started to implement online learning applications to provide fast and effective learning to the students. 


Influence of digital learning, moreover educational applications

Digital learning is gradually filling the gaps in the traditional education system. The educational applications make study material and resources available for the students, which they revise several times. There is no need for the students to write the lecture notes as they can directly study from the ebooks.  This virtual classroom concept allows students to take an interest in their complex subjects, math, and science.


Evolution of EdTech app, STEPapp


Considering the online learning aspects, one revolutionary educational app, STEPapp has been developed by Mr. Praveen Tyagi and his team. This app promotes education to all school students at an affordable cost. This app is designed with an aim to provide quality education to all students of the country. 


Benefits from gamified learning


  1. Provides personalized experience to the students

No doubts the core subjects; math and science are quite difficult for the children to study. Students find it boring and complicated at the same time. Thus, STEPapp provides a real-time environment for the students and gives them a personalized experience while they study. Students can change their board, class and the avatar they want to select according to the chapters that they want to study for these subjects. 


  1. Mapped to the school board curriculum

STEPapp consists of the syllabus that is mapped to the school board that is CBSE and ICSE. Students can play, learn and revise the syllabus easily with STEPapp. Also, STEPapp will soon be going to include the SSC board to make the studies convenient for the students. 


  1. Interesting and Engaging Content

STEPapp provides online courses for the students of classes 6th to 10th. The academic content of STEPapp is developed by the team of 400+ IITians and doctors in a simple and in an easy to understand language. Graphics and animations are also used along with the content to make it engaging for the students. 


  1. Programs for the students

STEPapp has designed two essential programs for the students that are:


  • STEPapp Scholarships: Under this, students are offered an opportunity to participate in the Scholarships which is going to start on 19th April 2020. The enrollment fee for the STEPapp Scholarships is ₹500 which you can pay using the website and mobile application. Students also get STEPapp Concepts FREE for the current grade. 

  • STEPapp Concepts: Under this heading, students get the entire syllabus of their current grade. This syllabus includes the course of CBSE and ICSE board for the subjects maths and science.

  1. Detailed Progress Reports of the Students

Often parents and teachers are not able to judge their child, according to the marks that they achieve in the examination and regular classroom study. STEPapp provides a detailed and summarized report of a student’s academic progress via email and SMS. This allows parents and teachers to understand the aspects of how much a student is engaged in studies. 



STEPapp is a platform that provides opportunities to the school students to play, learn and win rewards and scholarships up to ₹1 crore. It is one of the best educational applications that provide easy and quick learning for their core subjects; math and science. STEPapp is implemented in 16 Eklavya Model Residential Schools and all Municipal Corporation schools in Andheri, Mumbai as of now. 

STEPapp enables a student to improve their learning abilities and helps them to brush up their communication skills, builds logical understanding among the students and deliver quality education to the students. 

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