How to check the AICTE approval status of a Business School

Summary – AICTE is a statutory body responsible for approving the technical diploma, UG, PG, and PGDM Courses in India. Established in November 1945, the aim of the organization is to promote the education system development in India.


AICTE or the All India Council for Technical Education is a national-level council and statutory body for technical education. Until 1987, AICTE acted as an advisory board working with the Department of Education, Ministry of HRD. Then, in 1987, an Act of Parliament gave it a statutory status so that it could work more effectively. Since then, AICTE has been responsible for giving accreditation to all diploma, UG, PG, and PGDM courses in India, under the specific technical category of Indian institutions. This is different from the University Grants Commission or UGC as the latter is responsible for accrediting non-technical programs in India.


What does AICTE do?


AICTE approved PGDM courses are the only valid PGDM courses in Madhya Pradesh. AICTE takes steps for ensuring the planning and development of technical education in the country. It is more than just the accrediting authority for colleges and schools that give post-graduation, undergraduate, and diploma degrees. The body is also involved with the research and development and training of technical education in India. It works with different study areas like science and engineering, management, architecture, healthcare and medicine, vocational studies, food science, environment, commerce and industry trade, art, and many more.


The AICTE is New Delhi-based and has the following sub-departments:


  • Academic Bureau
  • Research and Institutional Development Bureau
  • Management and Technology Bureau
  • Administration Bureau
  • Engineering and Technology Bureau
  • Finance Bureau
  • Quality Assurance Bureau


AICTE also has many regional offices operating in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Guwahati, Chandigarh, Thiruvananthapuram, Bhopal, and Kanpur.


AICTE makes regular announcements and tries to raise awareness about how important it is to look for AICTE approval. It is a hallmark for any technical or management course. So, if you have decided to join a business school for a management course, you have to check the credibility of the course before taking admission. Follow the below-mentioned steps for checking the AICTE approval status for any business school:


  • Go to the official website of AICTE.
  • Go to the fourth tab – MIS/Reports and scroll down to the Approved Institutions.
  • You will see the right menu where you have to select ‘Management’.
  • A list of all the states will appear on the screen from which you have to select the state where the business school is.
  • The names of all the MBA colleges with the AICTE accreditation will come up.
  • Hit ‘Ctrl+F’ on the keyboard. A search box will appear.
  • Type the Business school’s name or some part of it. If the college has accreditation, it will come up on the list.


You have to ensure that you have the correct spelling of the institute. Otherwise, even if the institute is accredited, you won’t be able to find it. Type a part of the name, scroll down to check all the institutes. In the same tab, there is an option for checking the list of institutes that are not approved by the AICTE.


Why is AICTE Accreditation important?


Getting an AICTE accreditation is compulsory for all the technical institutions that are offering courses that are included in the ambit of AICTE’s 10 statutory bodies. This includes all government and private colleges, deemed universities, etc. If you get a degree from a college, it will be considered valid only if it has the AICTE accreditation. This is why it is important to check the AICTE approval status of a college before taking admission.


What are the roles and responsibilities of the statutory body, AICTE?


Some of the roles and responsibilities of AICTE are mentioned below:


  • AICTE is responsible for maintaining the engineering and education system in the country.
  • AICTE has to grant approval for extending the status of the existing institutions, launching new courses, and continuing the approval if there was a break in the last academic year.
  • The AICTE is also responsible for granting approval to set up new technical colleges in India that provide technical courses at the diploma, undergraduate, post-diploma, post-graduation and post-graduation diploma level.
  • If the institute changes its location or site, the AICTE has to grant approval for the same.
  • Institutions who want to convert from a Women’s institute to a Co-ed institute or vice versa must get approval from the AICTE first.
  • AICTE approval is needed if the approved technical institutes want to add new courses in their first or regular shift.


All the colleges that want to offer technical PGDM courses in India must apply to get the AICTE accreditation. They must have the required infrastructure, faculty, and labs to run the course. The AICTE will send in a team for inspecting the facilities provided by the college and grant approval.


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