How to Export Outlook Emails to Thunderbird

Both Outlook and Thunderbird are popular email applications that are used for email communication and schedule management. While Outlook requires regular subscription; Thunderbird offers free emailing service. There is another difference between these two email clients and that is the supported file type. Outlook data is stored in the format of PST and Thunderbird stores its data in MBOX besides supporting EML files. So, if someone want to open Outlook data in Thunderbird, they need to know how to export Outlook emails in Thunderbird.

In this blog, we are going to describe some trustworthy solutions to move emails from Outlook to Thunderbird. With the help of these methods, users can open and view email data of MS Outlook in any version of Thunderbird. Before going to the main discussion about the methods, let us see a relevant user query.

“I am an Outlook user who wants to export some emails to a colleague of mine. My Colleague uses Thunderbird, which does not support Outlook data file PST. SO I was wondering how to export Outlook emails to Thunderbird in an easy method. If anyone of you knows about the technique, please let me know with a detailed guideline.”

How to Export Outlook Emails to Thunderbird

There are mainly two methods used to move emails from Outlook to Thunderbird. One is the Manual Approach and another one is the Automated Approach. Let us take you through these methods one by one.

Manual Method for Outlook to Thunderbird Email Migration

In this method, you need to take the help of the native functions of MS Outlook and Mozilla thunderbird. Both the emails should be present in your system. Follow the below-mentioned steps to perform the conversion.

  1. To begin with, launch Mozilla Thunderbird email. You need to have any email account configured in it.
  2. Click on Tools from the Menu bar and choose Import option.
  3. A dialog box will appear from which, you have to select emails. Click on Next.
  4. Choose Outlook when you are asked about the source of Email.
  5. Outlook data will start to be imported in Thunderbird.
  6. Click on Finish button when the export is completed.
  7. The imported Outlook emails can be found in a Thunderbird folder named Outlook Import.
  8. Open the folder and access the emails in Thunderbird without any trouble.

Limitations of Manual Method

If you are choosing manual method, you need to keep in mind several things:

  1. Both Outlook and Thunderbird have to be installed on the same computer.
  2. This method is not possible to implement without Outlook installation.
  3. Technical knowledge is needed for this method

Alternative Method to Export Outlook Emails to Thunderbird

Since there are some limitations of the manual method, users can go for automated method which means using some third-party applications. One mention-worthy tool is PST to EML Converter. This application can convert all emails of Outlook PST file and save them in Thunderbird compatible EML files. Importation of the resultant files in Thunderbird can be possible in the drag-and-drop method. Download the tool now and follow the steps:

  1. Launch the software on your computer
  2. Add Outlook PST file in the tool.
  3. Choose Advance Scan option for corrupted PST.
  4. Preview Outlook emails and click on Export.
  5. Choose EML on the next screen.
  6. Apply date filter and naming convention.
  7. Choose destination location and again, click on Export.
  8. All the Outlook emails will be exported in the new file format.
  9. One can drag the emails into any Thunderbird folder to save it there.
  10. Otherwise, they can also right-click on the EML file and hover to “Open with” option before selecting Thunderbird. The email will open in Thunderbird.

Additional Benefits of Automated Method

  • Export Emails from corrupted PST file
  • No dependency on Outlook installation
  • Naming Convention to save EML files
  • Process data from Outlook PST file of any size
  • Suitable for both ANSI and Unicode file
  • Easy to use software that is 100% reliable


Various reasons may lead to the necessity of transferring Outlook email data to Mozilla Thunderbird. Hence, this blog focused on how to export Outlook emails to Thunderbird using some easy techniques. Users will get benefit from the complete guides of the techniques. For hassle-free migration between two different systems, choose the alternative method.

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