How to Get Eating House License in India

Eating House License is one of the essential licenses you need at your eatery to maintain an authentic business in India. The permit would be obtained directly at the hour of opening your eatery. In this review, you will know the details of an Eating House License. How to get a license, where to get it from, and what the documents required to getting one are. this will cover and clarify all the means that you need to take to get an Eating House License in India.

To run at an Eating House in India, one needs to get the Eating House License from the checking authority. For Eating House License, an applicant needs to apply to the State Police Headquarters and the Police Commissioner of that city.

How to get Eating House License: Procedure

Application for Eating House License can be filled online straightforwardly with the administration. In spite of the fact that the procedure is long and devours around 30–60 days to finish.

Step 1

For beginning the route toward getting the Eating House License, the candidate needs to get client ID and Password by giving a solicitation letter face to face with the nuances of the Eating House.

Step 2

All the information is to be filled completely for different applications for Eating House License. All the fundamental archives should be transferred for the explanation. There are different purposes behind the excusal of an application. The permitting authority may demand some other express reports at whatever point required.

Step 3

Meet the Additional Commissioner of Police, Licensing, Delhi for the examination of your application and supporting reports.

Step 4

To think about any report on your application, take a catch up with the administration office. On experiencing any dismissal dependent on any fragmented data, the expenses once paid will be waived by the administration.

Step 5

Inside 45–60 working days, the legislature will audit your application and along these lines award Eating House License.

Document Required for Eating House License:

  • Photographs of Eating House
  • Site location plan of the Eating House
  • Identity proof -Permanent Account Number, Passport, Voter ID
  • Residential proof Passport, Voter ID, Government bank account proof
  • GST registration certificate
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Fire safety proof by providing No Objection Letter
  • Passport, Voter ID, Government bank account proof
  • A certificate of registration that is issued by the Labour Department, GNCT of Delhi.
  • The record of all the workers working in the eating house.
  • An Approval Letter from the DPCC
  • A Self-attested prescribed Affidavit for issuing a fresh license.
  • Authorization from the Indian Performing Right Society (IPRS), for having entertainment activities like DJ, Live and Band
  • The Proof of CCTV or monitoring systems that are installed along with at least 30 days of video record-keeping with having the details of installation or invoice of CCTV.


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