gaze beauty Her experiential workshops for professional development and retreat centers include “Kinesthetic Learning for Teachers and Principals,” “The Song of the Body: Global Physical Expressions Toward the Sacred,” “Performing Undercover,” “The Bodies of Cultural ‘Others,'” and “Rehearsals of Death.”The meaning of the gaze has changed from mere looking, to intentionality for an appropriation or possession. Psychoanalysis has also grown in its stature from the days of Freud to revision by Jacques Lacan and also to incorporation of phenomenology, existentialism, structuralism, feminism and poststructuralism. Psychoanalysis is also conflated with Literature and Philosophy (there are tragic criminal psychiatrists inflicting psychological and physical violence on their patients which is especially the case in India) and its ramifications are analyzed in many fields like advertising, media and film studies and also queer studies.

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