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The purpose of this study is to identify environmental clues that affect
customer attitudes, satisfaction and behavior. To this end, a local survey was
conducted on visitors to Kangwon Land Casino from October 21-24, 2004. The
factors analysis resulted in seven factors from 39 environmental profile items:
hotel guest room, employee kindness, casino atmosphere, dealer kindness,
convenience, food and beverage, accessibility. The three subsegment markets were
derived by conducting cluster analysis based on factors from these seven
environmental clues. The first cluster awarded the highest scores for all seven
environmental cues, pointing out that it is a group that recognizes casino
mobbing as social activity and enjoyment. The second cluster, on the other hand,
gave the lowest score for the seven environmental clusters,카지노사이트 pointing out that
they are heavily involved in the purpose of winning money, which is a sub-market
belonging to a high-liberator. The third cluster gave a mid-level score on
environmental factors, pointing out that casino mobbing is a group that
perceives it as a part of leisure activities. The second cluster is more likely
to be a gambling addict, and these groups will incur expensive social costs in
the long run. But the first and third groups are those interested in casino
pub-bullying as social activities and entertainment. In addition, these groups
can contribute to responsible gaming and can be made into long-term customers.
Therefore, the casino industry should provide indoor and outdoor recreation
activities to provide the casino customers with psychological benefits from
casino shopping.

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