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Alpha Arogya bring for you Alpha HPK, which helps to improve immune system.  Buy the best ayurvedic medicine with no side effects at the lowest prices. To buy such products, visit our website.

In Ayurveda, we have a treasure trove of natural elements. By using the knowledge of combining these natural elements we have manufactured safe, natural and herbal Ayurvedic remedies, available in the form of Alpha HPK (Alpha Health Protection Kit).

These Ayurvedic remedies are safe to use without any side effects, and will help you stay protected against any potentially dangerous diseases. They will also help your internal organs to function properly; unlike over-the-counter meds or main stream antibiotics that have side effects and could damage your vital internal organs like liver, kidney etc.

Alpha Health Protection Kit contents must be taken in view of the potential danger.
It consists of 2 bottles of Alpha 1, 1 of Alpha 21 and 1 of Alpha 11. Each bottle contains 8 ml product. For a normal person, it is a sufficient quantity.

How to use it :
Alpha 1 – This remedy is taken orally, to increase resistance against diseases and build a strong immune system. Take three drops of Alpha 1 in a glass of lukewarm water, after waking up in the morning and before going to sleep at night. Drink as much water as possible. In case of illness, you can also take a dose once every 6 or 8 hours, after consulting with the AA team. To cure blocked nose, add 1-2 drops of Alpha 1 in the steam inhaler.
It is important to consume milk/milk products and a nutritious diet along with Alpha 1. For better results, stop the consumption of raw onion, garlic, pickles and non-veg food.
Do not give Alpha 1 to children below 8 years of age and pregnant women. Stop its usage if body heat increases.

Alpha 21 – Alpha 21 is a unique Ayurvedic remedy that provides relief from cough. Take three drops of Alpha 21 in a glass of hot water with a pinch of salt and let the water cool down. Pour this solution in a bottle. After eating anything, take a sip of this solution, let the mixture stay for a few seconds in your mouth and then swallow it slowly. Whenever you cough, take a sip of it and follow the same procedure. If your cough has just started then, this guarantees that you will get relief from it in just 2 days. If you have been coughing for a few days then, continue taking Alpha 21 for 5-7 days. For persistent cough, apply 2 drops of Alpha 21 on front of your neck and rub it lightly.

Alpha 11 – Alpha 11 is used to heal headache and cold. Apply 2-3 drops of it on the temples and nose, and massage lightly. Apply it 3-4 times a day. If you are suffering from extreme cold then, apply 2-3 drops of Alpha 11 on your chest and back also.

Alpha Arogya

Alpha Arogya

Alpha Arogya is a pioneer in making valuable ancient herbs available in the form of online Ayurvedic medicines. Alpha Arogya aims to enhance the natural and holistic self-healing.

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