keto power boost Contrary to what dieting

keto power boost Contrary to what dieting has taught you, food is not the enemy and everyone deserves to eat regardless of their size or shape. If you take a step back and consider the pros and cons that dieting has brought you in the past, your list might look something like this: Pro: Lost a lot of weight in a short amount of time Con: Felt hungry, was moody, couldn’t concentrate, missed eating my favorite foods, was not enjoyable, always had to think about what I was eating, gained back all the weight, felt guilt, felt like a failure Dieting instills a life-long obsession with food and body image that is debilitating mentally, emotionally and physically. What you may not realize is that these issues are actually caused by dieting (something that the diet industry would rather keep hush, hush). If you have gone through the dieting cycle for Legendz XL years without long-term success,

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