Longer Life of the Christmas Tree

Good trees to do so are spruce and fir. Both those species are handling low temperatures pretty well what is really important in winter time. Most popular types of spruce are serbian, 엠카지노이벤트 silver and 카지노사이트쿠폰 common. Firs are usually more expensive but are usually more spectacular. They usually grow higher than spruces.

Buying Christmas tree is better to do a few weeks before holidays. Leaving this for the last moments not a good idea. At this time there will only lousy trees left and in shops and 엠카지노총판 huge crowds.

It is also worth to know something more about the person or shop that we will be buying from – it is better to buy trees only from places with good reputation when we will be sure that a purchase like that won’t be a waste of money.

It is really important to take a look at the tree carefully. If the tree will have yellow or dry elements this might mean that tree is not in good condition and has a kind of disease. And we should prefer the one that are symmetrical.

When we already bought a tree is really important not to bringing it at first place to house. Heating may have really bad influence on it. And 카지노사이트 even a few days at the balcony may bring a miracle on future life of tree. It will have time to accommodate to new environment.

And if it at last get to our home it shouldn’t be over twenty degrees there. If we plan to plant the tree in the garden or yard the tree shouldn’t stand to long at home. It will be really hard to accommodate again to more cold environment and the tree might also come into a summer period. When waiting too long would have to plant the tree after the winter, in spring time.

We are leaving the tree after a week and finding it a shadow place in our garden. It is also good to cover it with special net Before we plant the tree it should be watered in a planter every day. That kind of tips should bring us more happy time with our Christmas Tree even in the summer.

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