Multi-Vitamin Supplements – They Really Are Necessary for Optimum Health?

Health On Way As we know, if these vitamins do not come from our food, we need them somewhere, such as a vitamin supplement.

Dr. Robert Fletcher of Harvard University agrees. It reflects that many of us thought we felt that a reasonable diet took care of our vitamin needs. He says: “But the new evidence … is that vitamins prevent the usual diseases that we deal with every day, (such as) heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis and birth defects.”

However, experts, and other common-sense people, remember that vitamins are “complementary” to our diet. It does not replace a balanced diet. So, in all senses, eat a balanced diet, but if you want to reduce the risk of developing common chronic diseases today, it would also be wise to add a good multivitamin supplement to your diet.

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