One Day Reception? Know How to Make It Memorable

For a Bengali or rather Indian wedding, there are many other occasions to host and organise for both the bride’s and the groom’s side. A traditional Bengali wedding starts with the aiburobhaat, the day before the wedding, and continues to remain in almost full spirit till the asthomangala, when the bride comes homes after seven days. Be it the bashi biye, the day after or the bou-bhaat, the best wedding planner in Kolkata knows how to make the entire celebration eventful. 

That being said, do all of today’s generation have so much time from their rushed calendar to spare a complete week in just celebrating the traditional chores? Mostly no! 

There are some mandatory events that if compromised makes the event look incomplete such as the Dodhi Mangal in the dawn, Gaye holud on the morning, or the sindur daan during the actual wedding. Nowadays, Mehendi and Sangeet and Cocktail are also very much a part of the Bengali wedding, which generally precedes the d-day. 

But with all that arrangements to be done, how do you think the marriage and the reception would go in one day? 

The idea is simple. If you contact any expert budget wedding planner in Kolkata, they can help you arrange for the same, keeping in mind the following points:

The venue should be a major thing to consider

Depending on how far in advance you start looking for the perfect venue, some places might be booked up to a year (or more) in advance. So, if you have any particular venue in mind, be sure to look for the availability as early as possible. 

Arrange the wedding on a weekend and there will be maximum number of guests coming in. 

Arrange a gala breakfast

Regardless of when your actual celebration is going to be, make sure to arrange a good breakfast for your guests. If you are fasting or going to have a separate menu than the rest, make sure your guests have ample options for their morning platter. In Bengali wedding, as and how the events roll, the lunch and the breakfast at times can get merged, specially for the elders of the house.  Make sure that is taken care of properly by the event planners.

Gang up your special friends 

Be it for the last together-snap before getting married for sharing a crazy step with your dear ones, make sure to get all your eccentricities snapped! As the event will start, the evening will fly by sooner than you can understand. 

Beauty bag

Planning to hit the dance floor? Have any special couple games arranged? Even the best makeup might need a little extra support to get the finest photographs for your album . Speak to your makeup artist or have a friend who can help you do the little touch-ups as and when required. Lipstick, mascara and powder should do the trick! 

Family time

Make sure to have proper photograph of the wedding day with not just your parents but all those close aunts and uncles who have been for you and blessed for a brighter future. Why not pause a moment and make them feel special too! Have you got plans for dancing post dinner or after the signing, enjoy a step or two with your father and mother too!



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