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Wedding event is a very significant happening in one’s life.  Here legally the couple is bonded. It gives the couple entry into new phase of life.  Wedding is a collection of different grand celebrations. It takes months to prepare for the event. The presentation and ambience in decoration and presentation of gifts is all dazzling and undertaken by experts in the field. Trousseau packing is done by experts with creative bend of mind.

There are many vendors in the market offering the best type of wrappings. Select the one offering the specialized technique of wrapping and organizing skills. Trousseau is cornucopia of items selected by the bride-to-be that marks her entrance in the new home. Inclusive here is wedding and pre-wedding functions. Beautifully and tidily packed and decorated simple items give the appearance of lavishness. These gifts arouse curiosity and is the cynosure of all eyes.

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The word trousseau has its origin in French word trouser meaning to tuck up or framework.  Included in the list is clothing, jewellery, accessories, cosmetics, and other bodily decoration pieces. This personal possession is displayed for relatives as well as friends. It is for this reason trousseau is packed in a visually harmonies way. It is here the demand of trousseau packers comes into picture. Incorporated in the wrapping is gifts exchanged among close relatives and extended families. Gifts symbolize respect as well as gratitude.

Before selecting trousseau packers in Gurgaon make a survey of the cost structure and your affordability. Discuss the matter with the packers and discover the time frame of the work. Packed items should be returned on the specified date by the packer. Keep the experience of the packer in mind. Online packers’ ratings and reviews can be read, and choices made accordingly. Packers are busy before scheduled dates of wedding. So, book them in advance to avoid last minute disappointment. Find out the exact sum to be charged for delivery. You can settle for an amount suitable for both the parties. Be aware of the payment and cancellation charges. These policies vary.

The variety of packing items such as wooden chests and trunks, multipurpose boxes, embellished trays with metal carvings and colourful stones, baskets etc should be available with the packers. Use of rich lustrous fabric like velvet, silk material and embroidery and zari work enhance wrapping attractiveness. Most of the wrapping decorators coordinate hue and designs. They may pick up the colour of the wedding card.

As per your instructions the trousseau packer may give personalize effect to the wedding gifts. It can be in the form of pictures, personalized messages etc. You will see a lot of variations displayed online. Try not to follow the trends blindly. Survey the market and make choices that suit you best. Select the one that resonate your mental picture and imagination.  Vendors also make suggestions for a relevant display. Communicate well before signing the contract. Well packed trousseau will add grace and hue while attracting the attention of the guests. Your gifts will be cherished.

Aahna Malik

Aahna Malik

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