Repairing iPhone costs too much and Apple loses

Apple would repair broken or defective devices at a loss. Therefore, giving us money. This, at least, is what a senior executive claims

Does the Cupertino house spend more than it earns on repairs to its devices? Thus it seems according to what was stated in a speech at the US Congress Kyle Andeer, Vice President of Corporate Law of Apple.

The white-collar of Apple, which deals with corporate law, had been questioned about the operation of customer support and the accusation often directed at the Californian company on the custom of privileging its own assistance network over independent centers often more economic. And, according to the answers provided by Andeer, users could start to turn up their noses. Except for some “extraordinary” interventions (such as replacing the defective iPhone 6S batteries ), repairs to Apple products are quite expensive.

How much does it cost to repair an iPhone or a MacBook

To repair a MacBook screen you can spend up to 1,000 USD, 350 USD for an iPhone. We are talking about important figures, higher than those applied by the direct competitors of the Cupertino company. Apple has always stated that the cost of repairs is high as these are precise and delicate interventions that, if not carried out correctly, could forever compromise the integrity of the device to be repaired.

Since last August, however, Apple’s policy seems to have changed. The Cupertino company has announced a real change, of course, allowing a greater number of service centers, both large and small, to take advantage of the same original spare parts and tools used in Apple Store service centers. Not only that, Apple has started to provide repair manuals, organized training courses and shared diagnostic tools used by Apple Authorized Service Centers.

Kyle Andeer’s theory

According to Apple’s Vice President of Corporate Law, the US company would spend more than users pay for repairs. But are things really like this? According to some analysts, Andeer would also have included in the account the interventions that the Cupertino company makes under warranty, including those covered by Apple Care Dubai , the insurance coverage that protects the buyer from damage for a further 24 months compared to those already provided for by law.

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