Revealed: What Are Some Of The Best Business Review Sites?

No matter if you are running a small or a big business, you must run a positive online reputation if you want to take it to the next level. There is no denying the fact that every business, be it of medical, law, or cleaning has its high and low times. For all the brick and mortar businesses, there is winning and losing customers.

Getting positive reviews from the customers to help you build a positive online reputation. These reviews play a very crucial role in making or breaking a business. Whenever a customer searches for the same product or services in the market, he takes into consideration the feedback of the existing customers. Not only that, but they would also try to reach out the professional reviews which are published on different business review sites. A professional reviewer usually gives professional feedback after the correct assessment of the services offered by a company.

Given below are some of the best review sites that help customers make a reliable purchase.

Google My Business

You must be aware of the fact that Google dominates more than 90% of the search engine market, so it is highly important for your business that it appears in Google search results. If you want your business to show up in the Google SERPs, get this goal materialized with the help of “Google My Business.” The reviews published on this site impact greatly on the overall ranking of your business and the more your business show up in the Google map, the more it is easy for the customer to make a decision.


Yelp is another most commonly used review site that reviews a large fraction of businesses all over the world. According to an estimate, there are nearly 100.5 million unique web visitors every month and most of these visitors come to this website for getting authentic reviews about the various local businesses operating in their area. Yelp is ranked among the best review sites because of their strict policies about soliciting reviews.

Citylocal Pro

This is another reliable review site available on the internet. It is one of those review sites where you can find professional reviews about nearly every business that is locally based in a certain area. From app development to branding, Citylocal Pro also helps businesses to reach their potential audience.

If you want to find a review about a specific business or company, you just have to browse this reviewing site according to the state. If you are a customer, you can also write a review of the services of any company that works in your area.


When it comes to doing business marketing, Facebook is turning out one of the biggest platforms that you can use to enhance your reach. You can promote your brand using Facebook and if you manage to get positive customer reviews from your customers, it is quite beneficial for your business.

Better Business Bureau

If your business is listed on BBB, your online reputation automatically increases. People tend to check the ratings of a company at this platform if they are interested in doing business with you. Checking ratings of any company on the Better Business Bureau helps one determine if someone is reliable for the job or not.

Trip Advisor

This is the best reviewing site if you are looking for the best hotels, food options, or travel options worldwide. You can also check the best options for nightlife and clubs on trip advisor. For instance, if you are visiting Paris and you want to know what are the best hotels and cinemas to visit nearby. With the help of Trip Advisor, a business person can also have its business ranked higher providing that he is providing quality services in the area and his customers are leaving positive feedback on Trip Advisor.

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