This study seeks to find implications for the development of the domestic
casino industry through environmental analysis of Macau Casino, the fastest
growing Asian country. As the research method is still small in relation to the
subject, the research was conducted in an 코인카지노exploratory form focusing on the
external and internal environments from a policy perspective. Macau has recently
become the world’s top casino market, and furthermore, it predicts that the
number of visitors to Korea, Japan and the United States will increase by 40-80
percent every year. The reason why multinational casino companies are rushing to
enter Macau was because of the Macau government’s willingness to actively reform
the country, and it will need to be reviewed by the Korean government on these
policy changes. In conclusion, the entry of large foreign capital into Macau’s
casino market due to changes in Macau’s policy will serve as a catalyst that
will make the situation in the domestic casino market worse, which will
otherwise fall behind the competition. 더킹카지노As an alternative to this, it is
necessary to consider the development of a large-scale complex casino resort
complex, which has a comprehensive entertainment function that can appeal to a
wide range of people, including ordinary tourists, family tourists and
convention participants, and will also need a recognition of a change in the
nation’s policy of changing the concept of this casino industry.

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