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Choosing the best and accurate selective soldering machine is essential to attain better efficiency and cost-effective production. We are here to share certain tips and tricks that will help you in understanding more about soldering devices. It is important to start by choosing why and when selective soldering techniques are used. A common misconception is choosing wave soldering will be a better option than selective soldering, but that is not true at all. These two types of techniques are totally different soldering techniques used for different applications. Selective soldering is used on boards with a mixed surface mount and through-hole populations. On the other hand, the wave soldering is used for economical and secure soldering of boards only with through-hole components.

Selective soldering machine manufacture
selective soldering machine

With more than 10 years of expertise in the soldering process, Sasinno understands the customer’s pain. Our long years of experience and expertise are reflected in our manufacturing process and the use of cutting-edge technologies. By converting our experiences of soldering to programmable & traceable software, reduce solder quality relaying engineer’s experience and on the machine. We have got a worldwide sales and service channel. Thus, no matter where you are located in the world, we have got highly skilled distributors or factory engineers to support you. We have got the highly capable and expert engineers that can manufacture the highest quality customizable products according to customer requirements.

If you are in search of a tailored selective soldering machine, you have come to the right platform. All you need to do is provide us with the specifications and we shall get it done for you. One of the most important aspects of our organization is, we make sure that the products are affordable. Thus, every customer will be able to enjoy the premium benefits of our services. We have got a wide range of soldering devices that are applicable to multiple industries. The selective soldering works on the underside of the board affecting anything present on top. The board is positioned in a specific frame and the operations happen according to the process control system programmed in advance for the board.


For every solder point, the system operator will control the flux, preheat the dwell time, and then solder the position. This will reduce any kind of side effect of other joints present on that particular board. All the steps of selective soldering are done separately, one at a time and over the entire board population. The steps are as follows:

  • All the selective areas are fluxed.
  • All areas are preheated for activating the flux.
  • Also, each joint is soldered properly one at a time in accordance with the program.

Along with that, to a single point, a selective soldering machine can be defined for performing “dips” and “drags”. These are closely spaced joints that are managed by the selective soldering operation. This is done by covering numerous points in a single dip or swiping a row of joints in a long connector, for instance, by dragging the solder tip across them.

Sas inno

Sas inno

Sasinno is one of the best selective soldering machine manufacture. With more than 10 years soldering process experience, Sasinno really know customer’s pain.

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