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Spark deals with processing of highly complex data. It is a powerful engine which can scale data up to terabytes and zetta bytes volume. It breaks barriers and limitations of Map Reduce which is a prime Hadoop element. The engine offers an excellent in-memory capacity and reduces writing data continuously.


Job responsibilities


A Spark Developer has numerous duties when assigned crucial tasks like ready-to-use data for business analysis. Apache Spark frameworks are in demand for several distributed data processing. A mature mind is required for it. You will have to clean and maximize the Spark cluster. Regular duties comprise of designing processing pipelines, writing of Scala doc with codes, aggregation and transformations.


Requisites to learn

Do you have an initial knowledge of Java, Python or Scala? Then you are good to go for this learning program. Spark is usable even if you do not know Java. If you are familiar with Hadoop systems and SQL concepts, then learning the course is easier. One-year background in Hadoop is sufficient for this training. Come to Bangalore to study this course with lucrative prospects. There are exclusive Spark Training institutes in Bangalore like DVS Technologies which offer training from experts.


Course details/benefits

After studying and grasping the fundamentals you can get specialization in:


·         Loading data from storage and reading it

·         Understanding algorithms required for data analysis

·         Manipulating data sets with Spark & Scala knowledge

·         Avoid shuffles and re-organize computing with Spark

·         You will be prepared to sit for the Cloud era Hadoop and Spark Developer certification exam


Spark & Scala Training in Bangalore is best taught by experienced and qualified instructors available with DVS Technologies. They explain related segments with ease. 


Key features of certification course and modules

·         What is Big Data?

·         How Spark is distinct compared to other frame works

·         Real Time processing

·         Limitations and solutions involving data structures

·         How Hadoop solves complex problems

·         Introduction to Scala

·         Data frames & Spark SQL

·         OOPs concepts

·         Spark RDDs



With an expanded learning center, expert IT instructors it is considered as one of the  Best Spark Training institutes in Bangalore.



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