The Definitive Fact-Checking Checklist for Content Marketers

Let’s get this straight!

How do you feel about the factually wrong information? It’s annoying and you simply stop using the source it is coming from. Everybody thinks this way.

Whether you are a content marketer, content creator or editor, it is your responsibility to fact-check the whole information you are putting forward through a piece of writing. You can consider taking Digital Marketing Services from the professionals if you don’t want to bother about anything.

Now, answer me another question!

You must have done a lot of postings for marketing campaigns. But how often do you fact-check your content before postings? I am not talking about proofreading and searching for spelling and grammar errors in the content. It is about the accuracy of the information you have added to it. How genuine it is? I bet you must be thinking about it right now.

The marketers often neglect this part as they think it is not feasible according to restricted time and other limitations. In order to protect the credibility of the content, the fact-checking is critical.

This blog further shares the fact-checking checklist that should be used by every content marketer before posting anything. Before that let’s understand how neglecting fact-checking can impact the value of your content.

Impact of Neglecting Fact-Checking

The false or misleading information can irritate readers and they can even file complain against your website or blog. This can also turn away the regular readers once they will start recognizing the mistakes in the content and you wouldn’t notice it. To this scenario, you must fact-check all the information.

Accurate Fact-Checking Checklist for Content Writers

Check the Original Sources

Before beginning anything you must go through the whole content to identify the original sources you have used for extracting the information. While creating the content, the writers must use reliable sources. You can hire content writing services from experts for effective content marketing.

Prioritize the Data-Based Researches and Survey

When it comes to the marketing campaign, your data must contain statistical data justifying the thing you are writing about. There are so many sources available on the internet that you can use for collecting the information. However, if you want to verify the data then you must access the original source where that data was published. If every piece of data information has originally cited sources then it can be used.

Always Double-Check the Facts

Even if you are writing one small fact in your content, you must double-check it. Content writing is a long and tiresome task and you shouldn’t leave it undone. Whether it is just a small fact or a big one, you should always Google it. As everyone says, “Google knows everything.” You will find so many links related to your information. Another thing you can use to verify the information is Google Scholar. It offers you scholarly articles, sources of textbook publishing company and journals.

Rely On the Reputable Websites for Information

Instead of using any website and perpetuating the false information to the readers, make some extra efforts to know about the website you are using. The information should be picked up from reputable sources. Check the website’s domain authority score because search engines always try to bring the most reliable websites in the search engine results.

These are some of the things can help you build the credibility of your content. Always remember that fact-checking is the base of good content writing.


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