Top 10 Things to Look Out for MS Outlook 2019

As we all know, MS Outlook 2019 is the latest version release from Microsoft. With every update, Microsoft brings some useful features that Outlook users get benefitted from. It is no different this time as MS Outlook comes with some amazing options that users will love to try. Here are the top 10 new features of MS Outlook.

  1. Focused Inbox users were getting this facility of Focused Inbox for some time and now Microsoft brings this feature in Outlook 2019. Now, you will have two tabs in your inbox —Focused and Other. Focused tab will contain the emails that are most important for you. The rest of the emails will be stored in the Other tab, which is just a click away. You will be notified of emails coming in both the tabs. However, this feature will be only available to you if your email account is an Exchange or Office 365 email account.

  1. Resolve Accessibility Issues in One-click

In this version, the Accessibility Checker of Outlook even got better. Now, it offers recommendations facility for accessible document and support for international standards.

  1. Download Cloud Attachments Automatically

Now Outlook will download attachment files for you from cloud services like OneDrive.

  1. Add Visual Impact

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) will be available to Outlook 2019 users. Using SVG, users can make presentations, documents, and worksheets, more interesting and interactive.

  1. View Multiple Time Zones

Outlook helps organizations around the world to function in sync. Now, Outlook users can add multiple time zones in their calendar and while they are about the schedule any meeting, they can view three times zones. Surely, this feature will help users to fix a meeting time that is convenient to all.

  1. Listen to Outlook Emails

Multitasking is made easier by Outlook. In case you do not have time to read all your emails, let Outlook read those for you while you get done with other important tasks.

  1. Know the Participants of the Meeting

Whether you are the organizer or not, now you will get to see who responded positive to a meeting request. Use this feature and be more prepared for the meeting.

  1. On-screen Reminder Alert

Missed some important reminder? From now on, you won’t. You can set the pop up reminders to appear on the working window. Flashing on the taskbar feature is also available for Reminders.

  1. Mark Deleted emails as read

If having Deleted Items folder full of unread items is your problem, this one is for you. This feature will make sure that all the emails going to Deleted Items folder are marked as read.

  1. Easy Email Sort

Even if you are not using Focused Inbox,  take advantage of the sorting feature that keeps the Unread emails on top of the others.


Note: In case you do not want to upgrade to Outlook 2019, you may switch to some free emails clients like Thunderbird, Windows Mail, etc. For that you have to move your old Outlook email data and there can be no better option than PST to EML Converter to do that. This software easily converts Outlook emails in EML format. Then you will be able to open the emails on Windows Mail clients.


Wrapping Up

Here are the top 10 features of MS Outlook 2019. We have explained these briefly but you need to use these by yourself to check how things work. If you are still using Outlook 2016 or lower versions, upgrade your Outlook today to avail these features.



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