Why BBA is a Good Career Option for Students in India?

Having the right degree has become more important than ever. There are a few courses in the country that are in demand right now. One such degree is the BBA. Students pursuing the top BBA program get the knowledge of the principles of management and how business works.


BBA is a 3-year long undergraduate program offered by several government and private universities. A lot of companies offer employment to the graduates from a top BBA program for positions like sales representative, project planner, banking, advertising, human resource manager, business manager, etc. The companies usually hire the freshers as trainees and then depending on their performance takes them into the payroll.


Top BBA college in India offer courses where students learn about sales, marketing, finance, human resources, etc. It is indubitably important for students to gain book knowledge as well as practical knowledge. For this, they must work on a lot of projects and case studies. BBA graduates are also eligible to become Company Secretary, Chartered Financial Analyst, Cost & Works Accountant, and a Chartered Account. Many students with a BBA degree choose to become entrepreneurs. They already have all the information about finance, marketing, banking, advertising, etc. that helps them in starting their own business.


Graduating from a top BBA program allows students to take admission in advanced courses in specific fields like real estate, finance, international business, accounting, marketing, computer information system, etc. The most popular choice of post-graduation program after BBA is the MBA. If you want to ensure that you get a job as soon as you graduate, you should go for the AP Goyal Shimla University. It offers 2 BBA programs:


  1. Bachelor of Business Administration


The course will give you complete knowledge of management and leadership. It allows the students to specialize in one of the following concentration areas:


  • Accounting
  • Computer information systems
  • Finance
  • International business
  • Real estate


The eligibility for best course admission 2020 is 45% marks in Class XII or equivalent. For reserved categories, the requirement is 40%.


  1. Bachelor of Business Administration (Business Analytics)


This course involves studying, analysis and interpretation of the business and organization’s big data. During the program, students will learn how to use metrics for investigating the past performance of the organization and gain insights for the future. Students graduating with this degree will have the relevant business and data analytics skills along with statistics, business knowledge, business intelligence, communication, and risk management skills. The course will also teach the students how to use data and statistics for making business decisions.


The eligibility for this course is also 45% marks in Class XII or equivalent. For reserved categories, a relaxation of 5% is offered.


Graduates from a top BBA program are hired by companies like the Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), International Business Machines (IBM), Deloitte, McKinsey and Company, ICICI Bank, Sony, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Ernst & Young, etc. BBA Business Analytics graduates can find employment in companies like Amazon, Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Microsoft, Cognizant, Infosys, Snapdeal, Accenture, eBay, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Dell, etc. Graduating from a top BBA program will help you get direct entry into the corporate world. With the practical skills required for solving business problems, BBA graduates are able to inspect data and formulate future plans. These skills are high in demand right now and companies are willing to pay handsomely to people with these skills. This is what makes BBA a good career option for students in India.



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