Why I made a decision to use a fitness app: My 8fit expertise

I had by no means used fitness apps till about three month ago. I have been a regular on the gym and had a go-to YouTube fitness channel for after I needed to train at dwelling or on a trip. So I did not feel a need for a health app, especially the one I needed to pay for (check here to study more about me).

This January my husband has mentioned to me a fitness app, 8fit, that he wished to try. This app gives a day by day train routine and a full day by day menu based mostly on your health stage and goals. At first, I was skeptical for a few reasons. I wasn’t on the lookout for a structured program geared toward loosing weight or building a selected group of muscles. My health purpose over the last few years was to take care of my weight, keep fit, and gradually build power as I explore completely different types of fitness activities. Secondly, I don’t need somebody to inform me what to eat. I think I know sufficient about healthy and nutritious food, I like cooking and have sufficient ideas to keep our meals various and healthy.

Nonetheless, it is a fact that online training and nutrition programs and digital personal training sessions have been on the rise. More and more people opt for a ‘digital gym’ or a ‘virtual nutritionist’ in an effort to avoid wasting time and money. This really got me thinking. And a few week later my curiosity took over my reasoning. So I signed up for the app. And here’s what my experience with it has been so far.

For about $60 / 12 months you get a every day exercise and meal plan. The program is created primarily based on your weight, heights, current fitness level (subjective) and fitness goals. Primarily based on that you’re assigned one of the train degree: beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert, etc. You have got an option of adjusting the exercise stage to a harder or simpler one.

One of the important premises of the app is that exercise must be efficient. You don’t need to exercise for an hour to burn 300 calories or build muscles. If you choose the precise type of exercises, do them properly (no cheating!) and mix them with a tailored nutritious meal plan, you may achieve the same fitness targets with just 10-20 minutes of exercising a day. And due to this fact, all workouts offered by the app are high depth 10 – 20 min lengthy routines. They have additionally started offering 15 – 25 min yoga routines for further stretching and flexibility.

HOW I USE 8fit intermittent fasting – reviewsof8fit.pen.io

To be trustworthy, I only use the fitness part of the app regularly. I do train routines supplied by the app about three occasions every week on the days once I don’t go to the gym. Since moving to San Francisco just a few weeks ago I have been using it a lot more as I haven’t joined the gym yet. This being mentioned, I personally won’t use it as a alternative of a gym membership as I still enjoy fitness courses very much. However it works well as an addition to my weekly routine.

As for the meal plan, I have not been utilizing it on a regular basis. I do look at the menu from time to time for inspiration and new concepts, however I do not observe it. For those who ask me why – same reasons as above. I am not looking for a structured meal program and I feel like I know enough by now about healthy eating.

1. Convenience

You are able to do it anytime and anywhere. It is quick enough which you can all the time make time for it. And it doesn’t require any equipment. It’s convenient to have a mat, but you possibly can easily go with out it, as well. There are a couple of equipment items used in the videos very hardly ever but they can be optional.

2. Useful movies

The whole train routine is a sequence of timed videos that you follow. No must guess the right way to do every exercise.

3. Exercise depth

As soon as I got to the level that felt challenging sufficient for me, I really feel that I’m spending these 15-20 minutes productively.

4. Preview of the routine

When you click on today’s routine, you can see a list of workouts and footage for each. So you can get an concept what to expect.

5. One less decision a day

I don’t need to resolve which exercise to do right now, it is already determined for me! Ironically, it is opposite with the food, the place I truly need to resolve for myself.

6. Warm up

The routine consists of the warm up as well. I discover it very important. If I used to be told to just warm up alone earlier than the exercise I would typically bounce proper into the exercises.

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