Wrong fuel In Car

Wrong fuel in car
10 out 8 cars owner don’t know which fuel is suitable for their car. There are many fuel variant that are available in market, by putting wrong fuel can cause severe damage to vehicle engine and other parts. To avoid this problem the person must have information about different kinds of fuel available in market and which fuel is mostly prescribed in user manual of vehicle.

Symptoms of wrong fueling
There are many symptoms of miss fueled, you can imagine that you are driving on highway and forgot to notice earlier that your fuel is critical low. In that condition you have to move to nearest available fuel station. The worst part is they have only one kind of fuel they have or maybe they are out of stock of other fuels. In Such short of condition, some miserable results of miss fueled may occurs.

The following are the symptoms of wrong fuel in vehicle.

  1. the engine won’t start on first ignition or take longer to start
  2. the vehicle may stop after few miles
  3. The engine may cause environment issue by producing intense smoke
    that may cause engine failure
  4. engine may produce knocking or jitters while driving because it might difficult to pumping fuel from tank..
    what to do if you put wrong fuel in car?
    There two three fuels that are that are used for vehicles, every manufacturer specified its vehicle fuel on that it works perfectly fine or what kind of fuel that it compatible with. every fuel have different have different combustion techniques to run its engine smoothly. user of the must have to read the vehicle manual to check what could best for his vehicle.

The very first thing if you realize that you mess with wrong fuel try to be calm and try not start and derive other wise you may face the problem of engine failure.That also with huge amount of repairing and maintenance bill. call the nearest fuel expert that drain out vehicle wrong fuel and put you back on the road and less on pocket.

Difference between petrol and diesel
petrol is octane fuel that is volatile and available in different variants based on octane ration while diesel is lubricant. both have different combustion technique to run engine smoothly.

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